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Looking to fundraise for your cause?
Welcome to Shaped

A community-centered initiative born to improve your wellbeing while fundraising for the greater good. 

Shaped is your turn-key toolkit and platform to fundraise for local causes while exercising and connecting with your community. Shaped is simple: 


Because we shine when we invest in our wellbeing, we thrive when we provide for others, and we rise when we work together.

stay fit. have fun. GIVE BACK.


straightforward and turn-key
this is how it works

1- Shaped fundraising challenges are simple, structured, and turn-key: no extra work on your end. 


2- We have learned that each community is different: one size does NOT fit all! From scheduling, frequency, and length, to overall level of fitness, each challenge is specifically designed to meet your community's needs. 


3- Each challenge is proprietary to each cause and open to anybody within its immediate and extended community.  


4- Typically, challenges last between four and six weeks and can be delivered online only, or a combination of online and in-person. Each community is different and we go the extra mile to meet your needs!

5- No work on your end! To promote and grow your challenge, we feed you each piece at the right time, and you just push it through your various social media outlets! 


6- All sessions broadcast live-online at the designated dates and times. 


7- We split the proceeds 50/50 with your cause. The more participants from your community join the challenge, the bigger the check to support your cause!

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meet a few of our growing group of

 MIGHTY participants

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Without fail, I feel radiant, relaxed, and accomplished after each workout! Being able to contribute to our children's education by doing something enjoyable and invigorating for ourselves is an absolute win-win!!!

mariah l

I am so much stronger, mentally and physically, since. I never had an exercise routine because I didn't have anyone holding me accountable for showing up and participating. I now exercise 3 times a week with my Shaped Group and want to exercise on the off days- taking a hike/walk. I truly enjoy the workouts, even when I force myself to do it; in the end, I'm always glad that I did!

kandi c

This program has CHANGED MY LIFE! Especially with COVID, not able to go to the gym, this is so convenient as I don't have to leave my home. There really is no excuse! It takes a village, and this is a great source of support. I feel empowered!

FINAL_JENNYScreen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.5
Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 6.03.58 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 6.15.29 AM.png

Jenny V.

My exercise habits have changed dramatically. I used to work out maybe a day or two a week, and now I am consistently working out three to four days a week. Not only has it been physically healthy but also mentally healthy. This group continues to support one another and help each other stay positive through thick and thin. I feel that I can start my day and tackle anything after our workouts, and what could be better than that!

Jill L.

I joined this marvelous fitness challenge over three years ago, and I still love it! I have gained so much strength and confidence; I feel powerful and healthy! The 35-min. workouts are convenient and effective and continue to be a challenge. I don't feel alone anymore, so I keep on showing up. We all hold each other accountable and feel empowered fundraising together for our children's education.

aniko H.

These are our favorite workouts! Plus directly benefit our PTA! Great morning exercise and kid friendly! 


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